Short-Term Teams

Short-Term Teams

Throughout the year, Serge partners with North American churches to assist our overseas workers in ministry projects. Opportunities for service include evangelism, children's ministry, construction, English camps, and medical ministry. Our short-term teams coordinator, Brad Wallace (703-969-5309), will work with you and your church to discern how you can partner with Serge.

Short-Term Team Opportunities :: 2015


Ministry Center Construction :: Fort Portal
Serge’s work in Fort Portal is focused on reaching women with the Gospel and discipleship as they follow Christ. Emphasis is also given to building skills for income generation. A small ministry building is needed to carry out this activity. Constructing this building will free the ministry from using rented, temporary space.
Max team size: 7
Trip length: 12 days
Number of teams needed: 1
Dates: Late August to early September, 2015


Home Construction :: Quillota
Serge has partnered with Pastor Guillermo and the Limache church in Chile for more than 15 years. Like most Chilean pastors, Pastor Guillermo and his family live on minimal resources. They recently celebrated the birth of the second child and have virtually no room in the very small home to put a crib. A pastoral salary will not provide for the expansion of their home—especially since Guillermo’s wife will need to take an extended leave from her job as a school teacher to care for the baby. This work team will add two bedrooms and a bathroom to Pastor Guillermo’s home, giving the family sufficient space for childrearing and church leadership.
Max team size: 15
Trip length: 2 weeks
Number of teams needed: 1
Dates: anytime between January and April 2015 (spring break is possible).

United Kingdom

London Evangelism and Prayer Conference (LEAP)
Come see what God is doing in London's South Asian communities. Rediscover the missionary nature of God and the grand purpose of his church. Engage South Asian culture through learning sessions and visits to religious sites, local shops and Indian meals. Experience cross-cultural ministry, relational evangelism, worship and the power of prayer.
Max participants: 60
Trip length: 1 week
Dates: July 6-13, 2015

Spring Break Evangelism Trip :: London
This trip will be similar to LEAP and consist of evangelism training, evangelism, and learning about Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism and visiting their religious sites.
Max participants: 50
Trip length: 1 week
Dates: March 2015

Kids Camp and Church Plant Outreach :: London
Shepherd’s Bush is multi-ethnic area of London where a Serge team has started a new church plant. Support this team’s outreach to their community by helping lead a week-long kids camp much like Vacation Bible School. The trip coincides with the school break in London. This week will also include evangelistic activities, various projects to support the church, organized prayer and time to learn about other cultures and religions in an urban context.
Max participants: 12
Trip length: 1 week
Dates: April 2015 either the week before or after Easter and the last week in May

Summer Kids Camp :: London
Southall, London, has one of the largest concentrations of South Asian people outside of the Indian sub-continent. This trip is especially suited for a youth group to lead a VBS-type Kid’s Club for one week. It will also include evangelism training, friendship evangelism and street evangelism, as well as learning about Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism and visiting their religious sites.
Max participants: 20
Trip length: 1 week
Dates: July 7-14, 2015

Construction/Renovation :: London
After several years of ministry in west London, the Serge team was able to purchase property for housing for church members in need, team meetings, hospitality and to serve as a music production studio. The house currently needs renovation and improvements.
Max participants: 12
Trip length: 1-2 weeks
Dates: Fall 2015


County Wicklow :: Children’s Program Support for Staff Meeting
Serge’s staff in the U.K. and Europe periodically gather for training, encouragement and rest. The 2015 Serge Europe Team Leader gathering will be held in Ireland at a Christian retreat center. Volunteers are needed to provide childcare and children/youth activities, as many staff will attend with children.
Max participants: 10
Trip length: 1 week
Dates: January 4-9, 2015