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BundiNutrition Fund


This fund was created to address some of the nutritional needs of Bundibugyo, Uganda. To learn more about Bundibugyo, click here. The BundiNutrition project has a long history in WHM’s work in Bundibugyo—including distribution of seeds and hoes, providing food and milk to disadvantaged children, and a dairy goat project.

The BundiNutrition Fund is currently used to run the following projects:

Supplemental Baby Formula

WHM in conjunction with the local health center provides care for children who are hospitalized with severe malnutrition. Children over 6 months of age receive a special milk-based formula provided by UNICEF. Infants less than 6 months have difficulties digesting this formula, so they receive baby formula (provided by WHM) to treat their malnutrition.

Motherless infants under 6 months old are given baby formula on a temporary basis until a surrogate breastfeeder (wet nurse), often an extended family member, can be found. WHM provides a small food stipend for them in order to facilitate relactation and a good milk supply.

Nutrition Education and Feeding Program

This program is for moderately malnourished children--those with significant malnutrition but not severe enough to warranty hospitalization. Each week they are given a locally grown and processed food supplement to improve their nutritional intake. The program also emphasizes education to create longer-lasting change in the community. Each week, a lesson is taught concerning a public health issue as well as a Bible teaching to share the hope of the gospel.

Community Agriculture Education for Prevention of Malnutrition

To affect long-term change in the nutritional status of the community, education is necessary to improve farming techniques and diversify locally-grown food.

Demonstration gardens are being established to show various techniques to grow low-maintenance, sustainable gardens and to exemplify diverse food production in a small space.

Bundi Nutrition partners with Christ School Bundibugyo by sponsoring a student-led Agriculture Club. These students show a special interest in learning more about agriculture and Bundi Nutrition provides special opportunities for their education. The potential is great for these students as they work on the farmland owned by Christ School, plant their own kitchen gardens, and learn about the important role of agriculture in nutrition. In addition, they are being taught how to raise laying chickens. These chickens and their eggs are a key aspect to providing the protein lacking in the local diet. As the students receive more protein in their own diet and bring these techniques home to their families and villages, they are providing an important income source to a place lacking employment opportunities. The future of Bundibugyo’s nutrition is bound to be greatly affected by this next generation of student leaders.

Any donation amount is helpful, but here are some examples of how far your money will go:

  • $12 will buy a can of baby formula that will last a severely malnourished child for 4-6 days
  • $34 will provide locally made nutritional supplements for one child for their entire enrollment in our 10 week outpatient program
  • $130 will provide for one week of supplements for all children enrolled in the outpatient program
  • $380 will pay the salary of a Ugandan nutrition worker for six months
  • $800 will provide for all operating expenses of BundiNutrition for one month