Live the theology you believe! Many of us understand the faith intellectually, but our hearts have not quite kept up with our heads. Sonship is designed to help you take some of the glorious theological truths of the gospel - truths that you may know in your head - and apply them to the nitty gritty reality of daily life.

You'll find that as the gospel re-makes you, there is greater joy and desire to share the wonderful news of God's lovingkindness with others.

Course Material

What People are Saying

"In my own life there has been no seminar, conference, book or teaching aid which has given me as profound an understanding and experience of the implications of the gospel as Sonship."
Scotty Smith, author of Everyday Prayers, Objects of His Affection, and founding pastor of Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN

Interested in reading more about the theological foundations of our Sonship course? Download the attached Theology of Sonship PDF.