Why WHM?


Early on in WHM’s work in western Uganda, two of our missionaries were driving to a remote village to do open-air evangelism. Riding with them was a local public health worker, Isingoma. When the vehicle got stuck in the mud, the missionaries got into a heated argument about what to do next. Eventually they were able to get out of the ditch, and the two missionaries, convicted about the way they’d responded to the situation—and to each other—repented and were warmly reconciled. Their Ugandan passenger took this all in, stunned.

Later, Isingoma became a believer in Christ. At his baptism, he shared that witnessing that argument and subsequent forgiveness played a key role in his conversion: “I had never seen two people get into an argument like that and then be reconciled. I knew there had to be something different about this ’gospel’ they were speaking of…and if that gospel had the power to change sinners like them, then it had the power to change me too!”

Experiences such as this and many others over the decades since the Mission was founded have helped strengthen two foundations in our culture as a mission agency driven by the gospel of grace:

  • Our life and ministry must be saturated and motivated by our own need for-—and experience of—-the gospel of grace. We’re deeply committed to preaching the gospel to ourselves, even as we share it with others. World Harvest is an incarnational ministry, and as such we value life‐on‐life discipleship; personal, loving, relationships; we cultivate new leadership through personal mentoring; and we work toward a humble and transparent life—both personally and as an organization.

  • Missionary Lifecycle Shepherding. We are committed to a holistic model of caring for missionaries, from start to finish. To that end, we:
    • Partner with a network of like‐minded churches and pastors
    • Recruit missionaries by pastoring prospects, not persuading them
    • Assess candidates with wisdom and compassion
    • Utilize a well‐developed pipeline to move missionaries from short‐term to long‐term service
    • Shepherd missionaries closely through the fund‐raising process
    • Provide a compensation and benefits package fully adequate to support long-term service
    • Ensure thorough pre‐field preparation and training
    • Nurture deployed missionaries with high quality member care;
    • Assist in the re-entry process at the end of a term of service, and
    • Employ a seasoned staff of experienced missionaries committed to training others.

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